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CoinPot Guide

CoinPot is a network of high paying faucets that enable users to earn small amounts of crypto currency without the need for a cash investment.

With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and crypto currencies into mainstream society, more and more people are looking at ways to earn free bitcoins online, and are turning to micro wallets such as the CoinPot faucet network as a great place to start. However, as with many online “opportunities", collecting free crypto coins from faucets is not without its own risks, and users are advised to tread carefully in order to avoid any scams and malicious threats. This article discusses some of the pitfalls that await both new and experienced users and introduces a proven system for earning Bitcoin and other crypto coins without using a credit card or spending any cash. By completing the steps as outlined here, the reader will be confident and on the way to earning crypto currency using the CoinPot micro wallet and faucet system.

As with any real earning method, results vary from one person to another, and there are methods and strategies that experienced users formulate to gain the very best return for their efforts. Nevertheless, nothing happens without taking the first step, so the reader is encouraged to work through all the guidelines and give this method a fair chance to work, because there are literally thousands of people earning coins from faucets every day, and there is nothing to stop relative newbies from achieving great results fairly quickly.

Faucets are tiny websites packed full of sponsored advertising that pay visitors a tiny piece of crypto currency for every visit, and normally allow repeated visits by the same person many times per day. Payout levels are normally linked to the current price of Bitcoin, and it is normal to see them fluctuate more or less in step with the crypto currency market.

Before beginning with faucets it is a great idea to enhance the security settings on one's personal computer, activate the firewall, install a decent antivirus, and create a secondary email address that may be subjected to spam emails. Spam happens in the faucet industry, so by creating a dedicated email address, a user can save themself from a number of issues down the track.

Once the computer is set up in such a fashion, it is time to create the CoinPot account. Click here to visit the site. The reader is encouraged to sign up using the special email address they have just created for faucets, then go ahead and verify the account. Emails from CoinPot have been found to be generally safe but of course, links and attachments should always be scanned and checked before being used.

Upon successful creation of the CoinPot account, it is necessary to “log in” and add one's crypto wallet addresses for the various coins. Supported currencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

The user should familiarise themselves with the “Dashboard”, taking note of the general layout and the individual sections for each of the various coins. There is not a lot to see at the beginning, however it is possible to view and use the browser mining function for some of the coins. An exclusion for* must be added to the antivirus program on the computer in order for the mining program to work, however, the mining in CoinPot is relatively slow and is generally not recommended for beginners. It is suggested to avoid that function until the user is experienced enough to understand the risks involved with mining on a PC. This article is more concerned with the actual faucets.

The CoinPot network has seven faucets attached to it, each with varying payout levels and timers. Three of the faucets pay Bitcoin, while there is one faucet each for Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. The steps here explain how to set up a link for the primary Bitcoin faucet, and the rest follow the same procedure.

CoinPot faucets link to the main website via the email address that was used to create the CoinPot account. It should now become apparent why a separate email address was advised at the beginning of this article. Keeping one's fauceting links and emails separate from one's 'normal' affairs is a notion that was learned through experience.

So, the reader should proceed to visit the first CointPot faucet in a fresh browser tab. The faucet is called MoonBit, and can be opened by clicking this link.

The MoonBit faucet is a busy little page with lots of ad banners. It becomes apparent how the faucet owners earn the coins they need, in order to offer the juicy payouts. Advertising pays for it all.

*Note - It is recommended to take the ad content on faucets with a grain of salt. The user should keep in mind that websites that offer to double your bitcoins within 24 hours or to pay 150% interest per day are basically scams, so it is advised to just claim the small amount of free coins from the faucet, bookmark the page for easy reference, and move along.

The MoonBit faucet requires the user to link the faucet to their CoinPot account. That is done by entering the same email address that was used for the account creation – not a crypto wallet address. Many people enter their crypto wallet address and wonder why it doesn't work. The correct address to be used is the email address that was used when signing up for the CoinPot account. Once the dress has been linked and a captcha completed, the first claim can be made. A confirmation box will show the amount of coin earned on that visit, and a timer will appear indicating how soon the next claim can be made from that faucet. It should indicate a time of around five minutes. The ensuing time can be used to visit the other faucets in the CoinPot network before returning to MoonBit for another claim. Alternatively, the user can choose to leave it for a few hours and let the coins build up to a larger amount before making a subsequent claim. Experience has shown that the optimum payouts are achieved by returning to each faucet on around a 20 minute cycle, but each to their own.

Next up is the MoonLite faucet. Click here to open it in a new browser tab. MoonLite works in the same way as the MoonBit faucet but pays out in small pieces of Litecoin. The same email address must be used to initially link the faucet to CoinPot, then the claiming can begin. Click click.. complete the captcha and claim the coins. Bookmark, exit and repeat. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to re-enter the email on each visit to the faucets, and is normally only required when cookies have been cleared from within the browser settings.

The following faucets can now be set up, MoonDoge, MoonDash, and MoonCash. These faucets pay out Dogecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash, respectively. The reader will notice some difference in the appearance of the latter two faucets. They are more recent additions to the network but still work basically the same. Link with the email address, make the first claim, bookmark and move along.

The final two faucets in the CoinPot network are a bit different to the others. BitFun pays in Bitcoin but has a 3 minute timer and a variable payout counter that increases steadily. This faucet pays really decent amounts, and is nice to visit after a good night's sleep.

Finally, we get to the seventh faucet in the network – BonusBitcoin. This faucet has a 15 minute timer, and the option to select either random payout amounts or a “moving average” amount. The random amount selection can pay big now and then, but it can also pay very low most of the time, so the user is advised to consider their options. It is also the only faucet in the CoinPot network that requires Google reCaptcha to be used, which can be a nuisance for some users as it may often require several attempts before giving a successful payout. Apparently Google either thinks faucet claimers are all robots or else it just hates people getting coins for free. That issue shall be left up to the user's own contemplations. For now, just link the faucet, make the claim, bookmark the page and move on.

Once a successful claim has been made from a faucet, it is a good idea to check the balance in the CoinPot Dashboard, just to verify that everything has linked up properly. If the user has made a claim from each of the faucets as described, there should be a small balance displayed for each of the coins. Nice.

Once the timer on the MoonBit faucet has finished counting down, another claim is possible. Then the MoonLite.. doge.. cash etc.. and the cycle continues.

It is important to remember that claims need not be made every five minutes. Cycling through each of the faucets a few times per day will keep the system working, but earnings will be maximised by making a good number of claims. Each user will find their own claiming schedule by trial and error. Faucets are a resource to use - not something to become a slave to.

Withdrawals can be made from CoinPot to a person's own crypto wallet once the withdrawal threshold has been reached for any given coin. All withdrawal requests must be validated by clicking the link in a verification email, and are then processed normally within 48 hours. A small fee is deducted from the balance, although that fee is not charged if the withdrawn amount is above a certain figure. Again, the user should use the system in a way that suits them best.

In order to achieve the withdrawal threshold faster or to capitalise on changing crypto market prices, users may elect to convert some coins into others using the inbuilt exchange function inside the CoinPot Dashboard. For instance, by converting the various currencies into Dogecoin should allow most users to achieve a withdrawal around every 48 hours, more or less. It generally takes a lot longer to reach the threshold for Bitcoin, but patience and timing are always good. It can be a good idea to keep an eye on the state of the crypto markets if one wants to capitalise on the conversion rates. Experience with the system will help the user achieve great results.

Another important aspect to keep in mind when using the CoinPot network is the bonuses. Some of the faucets offer bonuses that can greatly increase a person's earnings. For example, the MoonBit faucet offers bonuses with the following titles: 'Daily', 'Referral', 'Offer', 'Mystery', and 'Mining'. The daily bonus requires the user to make at least one successful claim from the faucet per day, and increases by 1% per day, up to a maximum 100%. A missed day will reset the daily bonus back to 1%. The referral bonus gives 1% for each referred user. The offer bonus is earned by completing some of the extra “offers” listed on the faucet.

Offers can be things like completing surveys, downloading mobile apps, etc. The payouts from offers are good but can take a few days or even a week or more to get credited to your CoinPot account. In addition to a successfully completed Offer, a 5% offer bonus is added to the claims from the faucet for a few days. Just remember that some of the offers might ask for a user to sign up using an email account or may ask for a user's cellphone number, which may incur charges. Discretion is advised before accepting any of those type of offers.

The Mystery bonus is a random percentage between 1% and 100%, and can give a tasty addition to any claim, while the mining bonus is directly related to any mining that the user may choose to do within the CoinPot Dashboard. Again, coin mining on a PC does have its own risks so the reader is encouraged to learn about the mining process and take steps to protect their machine before indulging in that practice.

Each faucet in the CoinPot network has a referral program, and these can boost a user's earnings significantly. Referral links and banners for each faucet are available directly from the faucet itself, and a person can easily send the links to friends on social networks, or by sharing via email or chat programs. The referral system works well and there are safeguards built into the system to prevent people who try to cheat by setting up multiple accounts. Users are requested to play fair and allow the network to work properly – there are plenty of free coins for everyone as long as people respect the system.

The earnings from CoinPot are not huge, but they do add up, and can be withdrawn for use in other programs and platforms. For instance, a user could withdraw coins from CoinPot and send them to a crypto currency exchange such as Cryptopia, and use them as capital for crypto trading to make big profits. Or of course, they can simply be collected and held long term to take advantage of the steadily increasing value of the entire crypto currency market. It is up to the individual user. The main thing to remember is that faucets give people a chance to earn a small amount of Bitcoin and other cryptos without spending any of their own money first. It is an enjoyable hobby for many people, and a foot in the door to the crypto space.

In these modern times we see the emergence of Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies, and many people are interested in getting hold of these crypto coins for free. Faucets give people an opportunity to earn coins without spending money, just by clicking a few links and solving some captchas. It is a simple method of earning crypto coins but does require a bit of learning in the beginning. This article has discussed some of the pitfalls and challenges that await first-time faucet users, and has provided a quick guide to setting up one's personal computer for increased security while working in this exciting industry. Additionally, this article has given details about one of the most popular faucet networks, the CoinPot micro wallet and faucet network, and given the reader clear instructions on how to successfully open and operate a CoinPot account. Readers are encouraged to check out the methods and systems discussed here before proceeding with confidence into the exciting world of crypto currencies and faucets.


Posted on March 05, 2018, 10:53 am



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